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Originally Posted by rcreech View Post
That is insane!!!
Thank goodness our calls are starting to drop off. It was starting to worry me a little as we are growing at a pace that I didn't feel exactly comfortable.

We were getting between 8-10 on avg per day with 2 days at 19. Now they are just trickeling in at 6-8 per day. Still crazy!

What was your marketing strategy?

That is a lot of calls per day. If you are landing 30 a day how many calls did you take total (closing rate)?
Insane is right. I cant share strategy though. We are probably going to try franchising since we have found something that works like butter.
My salesman was swamped on the phone and I was helping phones when I wasnt churning out website proposal requests. Our web guy built an amazing site that brings an incredible number of leads in. 43 total leads on Monday which turned in the 30 new sales.
We are actually smaller than you in client count (i think) but not for long. We are shooting for 10k active programs in 5 years. If we dont make it, it wont be because we are not trying.
If this post seems mean, it's probably because I'm drunk posting. Maybe my next one will be better...
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