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Wow, looks just like my front yard. It's funny that you said you got a quote for leveling a couple years ago and it was $1200. Me too (I'm in Acworth)! But this year, that same company (LL) did it for just under $800. A result of the poor economy no doubt.

You lawn looks pretty typical for just coming out of dormancy. Have you ever read the Bermuda should. Did you use any Pre-M?

Get a soil test before adding lime, need to know the pH (

Did you burn it this year? I didn't realize that was legal anymore. I scalp it and bag the clippings (2 weeks ago). That's the only time I bag, always mulch. You can hit it with 2,4,d (weed-b-gone max) now to kill the broad leaf weeds. The grassy weeds may need to be pulled or something stronger like Celsius. Both houses on each side are vacant, so I have a bad bought of Dallisgrass I'm dealing with despite using Pre-M (Amaze).

For the slope I have, I end up patching it every year with sod. Bermuda is cheap!

DO NOT over-seed hybrid Bermuda with common Bermuda (Princes 77). Once you start using the right cultural practices ( Lesco 39-0-0 every 30 days), mulch cutting 2-3 times a week (as low as you can w/o scalping) water 1 "/week (roughly speaking) it will look like it did before.

I tried to upload some pics, but the site just gives me an error message.
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