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Thanks, that nice yard is Mine!!! And it's before, I used the Ecolawn.

Organic Compost I spread on a yard is 1/4" to 1/2".

3 Full Hoppers = 1 cubic yard

1 cubic yard = Average 700 to 800 square feet

Usually One Yard of Organic Compost is around 700 pounds.

I've heard of guys adding side rails to their Ecolawn they can carry more....I don't do that. Because going down hill with a full load can get a little hairy!!!

I only spread organic compost. I've never done sand. But from what I've heard....the new Ecolawn Model 200 (with two discharge wheels) can handle fairly high moisture rate of wet sand. With the two wheels's able to spread heavier material than the single discharge wheel....with a better coverage that's more even.

Now Ecolawn recommends the following:

For top dressing, we suggest the application rate of 1 cubic yard per 2000 sq. ft.
For turf renovation, we suggest the application rate of 1 cubic yard per 1000 sq.
For seeding with compost, we suggest the application rate of 1.5 cubic yards per 1000 sq. ft.

I would believe their topdressing rate of 1 cubic yard for 2000 square feet once you've established a yard with organic compost. But even then....this is a very thin about. I wouldn't want to short a customer on materials when it's fairly cheap in's labor that gets you.

I can get around 11,000 pounds of organic compost for $125.00.
At Home Depot they have EcoScraps 1 cubic foot White Compost Mix for $5.97. Correct if I'm wrong (happens some it takes 27 cubic feet to equal 1 yard. So for 1 yard of Home Depot's Compost would be $161.19 plus tax. Where I'm getting 14 to 15 yards at 700 pounds a yard.

Long story short, I don't skip out on spreading organic compost in customer's's cheap and I want to give them the best results.
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