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Some additional Information and a question

I let the tractor sit for a couple of days and started it up again yesterday. It ran fine. I didn't move it, I just let it sit there and run at about 1/3 throttle for about 30 minutes with the brake off (disengaged). There wasn't any problem and the motor ran smoothly. I've been looking around trying to find out how the brake actually works. All of the drawings I've seen appear to show that the brake linkage goes directly into the Hydrostatic box. I looked in the User Manual and it states (emphatically) to NOT change the transmission fluid which is supposed to be 10w30 oil. When I look at the transmission filler neck the oil appears to be black, which has me concerned. Does anyone think or know whether this could be the problem with the motor shutting down when the brake is released ??? Should I drain and refill the transmission ???
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