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I would suggest start to secure your wallet and your cell phone and all items of that nature, that is what they are usually after, they'll end up ditching the phone and likely the credit cards, this rash of theft has hit our area too, all they usually take is the cash.

Have you checked inside your wallet?

It is common for them to leave things mostly as they were found.
You think you still have all your stuff.
But the cash is gone.

This is the reason why you shouldn't carry large amounts of cash.
I don't carry more than $20, and if you know what's good for you neither should you.
The more cash we carry, the more we put everyone else at risk.

Originally Posted by Valk View Post
How about carrying a lazer pointer and thusly scaring the bejeezuz out of them when they sense a red dot hovering around their immediate area.
I doubt the thieves care.
Might scare them.
But they still don't care.

Better off keep your eyes open and shoot FREQUENT look sees in your truck's general direction.

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