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Ric 13,

I see you are really going to town on the topdressing drill. More power to you.

In my own situation I find it strange that the only client I know of who has paid to have his lawn top dressed via a bark blowing truck for $800-$1,000.... also is prone to shutting off his irrigation early in late Autumn when he becomes disgusted with mowing or dealing with his lawn on any level. He rarely ever does the Fall fertilizer application either. Hey but every Spring he's got bells on full throttle enthusiasm for his lawn. Hires a hack Co. to low ball dethatch low mow....all sorts of crazy stuff. Think he's got another top dressing lined up already. I think I have him convinced to leave the aeration plugs on his lawn this time.

Almost forgot to ask....when top dressing in the Fall are you putting down additional supplemental Nitrogen to feed the lawn prior to dormancy. The 2/3+ plus rule of Nitrogen for Fall applications....?

Originally Posted by Rick13 View Post
My customer's are people who have yards that dried up/or have sod web worms....which comes from the drought.....and now they want their yards reseeded.

It's just teaching people/customer's that their are different ways of maintaining a nice yard....and it can be done with reseeding, core aeration, organic compost spreading in the Spring and Fall. You spot spray weeds...but in year or can help them turn their yard into a "mature yard" that still needs a little care...but doesn't need a 5 to 7 program to look good!

And oh's good for the Earth too!
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