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Well, that does it!

Thanks all for your replies! Cedar lawn care and creative lawn care and I'm forgetting somebody. I'm Just starting out. I mean just. Yesterday I was doing my happy dance because I just closed my 1st quote! (Off a flyer.)

I felt like running over and cutting her grass right away. Too much rain for that, but, still, it was my start. As for the title: I'm calling my neighbor who does web sites today! I'm getting one for sure.

I'm advertising in a local small newspaper. (no calls yet) Putting flyers on mailboxes. I Never open a mailbox. In my previous post I said I put them in the paper holder near the mailbox. I now believe this has been a mistake. I have driven by several places where I have done this and found as many as half still in the holder in various states of ruination. So I have switched to folding them and tucking them in the mail flag on the box. That way they at least Have touch it to remove it. It takes longer, as you have to get out of the car to put them on. But I just keep telling myself, 'It only take one response to make it worth it.'

Good luck all! (and me too!)
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