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I don't see why not? I thought the rep said it could spread even higher than that for moisture. You would want the Ecolawn 200 though. The two discharge wheels can handle heavier material better.

There is a black belt that drives all the material towards the front opening of the hopper. You can adjust how heavy you would like to spread your material by opening the white door larger or smaller. Plus you can control the width of the spray pattern by the idle of the engine. If you have it at higher rpm....the Ecolawn will spread farther. The heavier the will spread even...just not as wide.

Here's a picture of the hopper open with the black belt that moves everything forward. The white agitator will break up large chunks of material or they also sell a metal screen that you can place over the top of the when you are filling it.....the metal screen will screen out large objects.

Keith Schuler (the rep for Ecolawn) said that out West, he ran across organic compost that had sticks as big as his wrist that were 4" to 7" long and 3" to 5" thick. He said the machine doesn't like large objects like some common sense comes into play here when using the machine.

Our compost here in Northern IL....Keith said its some of the best he's ever I don't need the I didn't buy it.

When I'm running the machine....some of the organic compost will stick a little to the sides.....but as I'm bounce the machine just a bit by lifting the rear wheel off the ground. By doing this the compost will slide down the side it might be stuck on, hit the black belt that pushes it towards the opening, to though the opening, drop on the two discharge disks, that will spray it evenly into the yard. Its a great system....very simple and easy to use.

Here's a picture of Keith's Ford Explore....he has the carrier that I bought from him. Could you make something like it...yeah. But I don't have the equipment and he's be using his design all over the USA and if its not broken....why try to fix it? It cost $900.00 to buy it....but well worth it. It locks the machine down onto the carrier....that's locked into your hitch. Plus the carrier has turn and brake light built in...which will hook up the rear of the dump trailer. Don't want the State Police stopping me over something that's pretty silly!

So image the carrier off of his Explore and on the back of My Dump Trailer....that how the pictures will look. The machine weights only 300 pounds....and the carrier is maybe 100 pounds. So that's My Setup this Spring....if the weather would start to work with me???

I have 15 different customer's yards to organic compost....and that's just off My Website and word of mouth. Oh yeah... I do post on Craigslist too. Won't advertise until I get caught up with all the work that's pilling up!
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