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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
Wow bother! I don't know what Echo you were using and how it was bad enough to loose lawns over it. If it ran and it had string in it I'd think you should have been able to keep a customer happy even if it took a little extra time.

As far as the FS100RX goes I'm glad it works for you. I wouldn't use one if someone gave me one for free.
It was an Echo SRM-230 and the issue was it wouldn't want to start. The primer bulb wouldn't fill with fuel resulting in it not starting. After about 20 minutes of pulling the recoil and attempting to get the bulb to fill which it never would it would start and keep dying out and eventually the bulb would fill with fuel AFTER it runs for awhile cutting in and out.

So far I love the FS100RX. Way more power than the SRM-230 and very light weight and starts easy.
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