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Originally Posted by KrayzKajun View Post
Went out and measured the fence to be removed. Its approx 300ft of 12' high chainlink with brush/vines/trees grown through it.
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If the fence doesn't have to be reused, and doesn't need to be sold whole (or isn't in reusable condition), I cut it in manageable lengths. If I can mow along the base first, I do, Then, with some hand labor, I cut it off the posts and just pull whole sections down. Drag it out, let the vines and brush dry up some, then roll up and recycle.
You might have a market for that 12' fence, though, if it's in good condition but chainlink, if it has tough vines growing through it, could become stretched or damaged when pulling it.

300' probably isn't much for scrap but maybe you can sell it or take it back to your yard and cut up sections to make gabion/erosion waddles later on a bigger project where you have to disturb a creek.

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