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Originally Posted by Mayers View Post
I do work on the east side of Pittsburgh (Churchill, Plum, Penn Hills etc). I'm looking for a place that takes lawn waste (spring clean up stuff). Can someone tell me a place that takes bagged stuff and what the charge is per load.


- Marc
Agrecycle is cheapest I know of, but since it's close I haven't sought other sources. That and the fact that I mulch as much as humanly possible to avoid going to that smelly, muddy mess, and getting my truck dirty.

If you're near Plum, JA Rutter (by the Uhaul on 22 at the Monroeville/Murrysville boarder) takes it, but they are more pricey and charge by weight.

Agrecycle is $7.50/$8.00 for a "truckload". I have a 5x8 trailer with 2 1/2' high sides and that's what it costs with it filled.
NO BAGS. Must empty them if that's how you take it.
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