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I finally had graphics installed last Friday.

We've had two snow storms in the last week. Last Thur we rec'd about 4-5" of very wet & heavy snow. That was nothing compared to the 11" we rec'd yesterday through this morning. While the big snowfalls are good and [mostly] easy money, I'd rather have it be warm out, I have landscape & irri installs plus all maintenance waiting to get started and I don't want to wear out my truck's front any more with plowing! Plus with all the installs lined up I'll be able to buy a brand new dirtbike and with 3 weeks now of outdoor racing canceled, our season is getting shorter and shorter!!

Some pics.

Last night. Comm property

Resi - since the ground isn't really frozen anymore a lot of turf was tore up these past two storms which sucks!!

After a long wait, Supercross was finally here last weekend, witnessed the best racing all year. Ryan Dungey (hometown racer from Belle Plaine, MN) battled with Ryan Villopoto to take the main event win with everyone in the crowd (just under 49,000 fans) screaming and on their feet, me included, almost lost my voice and spent about $50 on beer at the Dome but it was an awesome night. A link to the tv broadcast of the battle, never have I heard a crowd that loud during a broadcast of a race, never. It was unreal how loud the crowd was for that entire race, louder than the bikes and certainly louder than the sh!tty a$$ Vikings sucking it up like they usually do.

We definitely should have had seats in the lower level but for w/e reason my buddy's dad (had a group of 7, a couple buddy's and their dads and my dad, brother, and I) bought in a low row, upper deck to be able to see everything.

During opening ceremonies, it still light out so the inside wasn't exactly dark.

As you can see the stadium is almost full.

Had lots of guys from MN racing that night as well as other races in the series also. #297 is Dalton Carlson (he's not in the picture, just his bike), I grew up riding and racing with him (lives about 5 mi from me), he's an incredible rider but has had some bad luck this year. He just missed the main event by 3 spots in the LCQ but that is still an incredible feat as 99.9% of people couldn't even make a lap on a supercross track.

Shot of James Stewart in practice.

Ryan Dungey off one of the triples in practice.

Vid of James Stewart in practice, crappy quality as it's from my phone.

Seeing races in person makes me want to ride more than ever and one of the tracks about 35 mi north of me (9 mi west of Cambridge) pushed the 11-12" of snow off their track and is having practice tmrw but I don't wanna spend any money on riding until I buy a new bike.
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