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Advice on trailer size

I'm looking to trade in my 5x8' tilt trailer simply for the fact its not big enough, I hate the tilt, and it doesn't pull straight. Right now i'm running one 48'' zero turn. It takes up basically the whole trailer now except about a foot at the end. I'm looking to add a 36'' Walk behind to the arsenal by the end of the season. I would also like one of those Landscape type boxes built on it and raised up high enough to where I could still pull the front of a mower under it. I also want my width to be 77'' or I would settle for a 6ft too. My only question is, how long of a trailer should I need? I was thinking 12ft would hold both mowers, but i'm not sure if it would. I would consider a 14ft, but a 16ft is too big.
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