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time is everything. Small properties can be deceiving. Some take longer than a big open property. Ill tell you what helped me out so much starting out. I started timing everything. When I pulled up to a property I would write down the start time. When I finished, write down the stop time. Get into a routine of doing this for every service you perform. Now after about 2 months, you'll have some data to work with and I think you'll be shocked at the amount if time it takes and how much you were charging for some properties. I found out that the properties I thought were easy and quick, were as profitable as I once thought. The way I figured it out was for example: if I spent 35 minutes each week on a property that's a total of 140 mins. lets say I charged the customer 30 dollars a visit. That's 120 dollars a month. Now take 120 dollars and divide it by how much time you spent on that property. That tells you how much you got paid for each minute you were there. Now compare that to your operating cost per hour. If you have to, divide your operating cost by 60 to get the figure down to the minute. This will tell you if you were profitable or not on that property. Also this isn't considering the travel time so that can really throw your profit off if you are driving really far to get there. I hope this makes sense
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