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Very true. That's why I laugh when I see someone asking for help quoting a job. Anyone that responds has no clue of the askers operating cost. That's the first thing you figure out when going into business. I mean, how can you know what to charge if you don't know what it cost to perform the job? Every business is different. Like the guy above said, the guy with the crappy junk in the back of a mini van verse a company with employees, insurance, taxes, new trucks, equipment will be way different. Also the how good the employee is makes a difference. I have some guys that barley get out of the truck by the time the other guy is halfway done edging and weed eating already. When I started out I tuned myself on each property and kind of got a base line for how long it takes the average person in the landscape industry. I didn't run and I didn't walk. I was efficient. There are so many trucks to speed up your time on a property. Anything can change your times for better or worse. I bigger mower will speed up your time to a point. Weed eating beds and edging with it will speed up times verse going and getting an edger off the truck. Once you get your properties in tip top shape, you can fly thru them every week because there isn't much to do since they are perfect. Your just maintaining them. There are so many variables that go into time. As you grow, get better equipment, employees ect. Your times will speed up but so will your cost of doing business. So you have to always adjust.
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