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Originally Posted by Tread View Post
I have looked at the Deere 920 M and its a nice mower for the price. I am looking at service in the area where i live to add to the mess.
Lots of guys having cut issues with the VX4 deck. Just do a search here. BB seems to be hit or miss on company/customer support, so I'd pass on them. The Deere is a nice enough machine ( I own a Z950A). You have a large dealership support network with branches in Mason, Williamston and others, and they also have one located right in Charlotte and another down in Rives Junction. The Deere will leave the nicest cut of any of them if you decide to look closer at them.

It might be well worth your time to drive over to Williamston to Deercreek sales and look at the Snapper Pro Z's. They are Ferris mowers without the suspension system, and are very good mowers. The price is hard to beat too. Lot less than all the others generally, and sometimes you can get a lot more machine for the same price as the others. It just depends on what you want for options. They get very good reviews here too.
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