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Originally Posted by whiffyspark View Post
Well guys I'm at the point where I've got to make a decision. I've been pursuing a lot of clearing jobs and its getting to the point where a bobcat isn't enough anymore

I have one coming up this week where I'm basically going to have to pull everything out with a mini - no one in my area rents a mower out. I can rent a skid mulcher or mower from several places, but this hill is impossible for a skid

I've been looking closely at deeres 35d. I'm a bobcat guy I have a ton of hours on a 32-42 machines, but have been told they lack flow for a mower. Another option is kubota but they're priced high in my area

I wish I could go with an open can to save some money but its not feasible with the mower
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I ran a E32 with a Rockhound EX40 with the hammerhead knives, put about 15 hours on it, while it wasn't "blazing fast" it had enough flow to mulch through 2-3" material constantly. Even pushed it with some 4-5" stuff that was decaying it did it, but you had to let the pump catch up.

EDIT: that being said I wouldn't try to make a living with that setup but it worked and did what I needed it to.
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