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Thanks for the heads up Landscraper1. I demoed the 30" Toro stand-on aerator yesterday at

1) Easy to operate
2) Pulled deep plugs
3) Goes fast in open areas
4) Has adjustable down pressure
5) Fits thru 48" gates

1) Needs at least 48 inches to get into back yards
2) Only 30" effective aeration width (2 1/2 feet)
3) Does not pull as many plugs as necessary Can additional tines be added? (Cuz it should be 2 times more)
4) Tears up turf while turning
5) Foot platform = "slippery when wet"
6) ZTR controls are touchy
7) $9350.00 plus tax = $10,000 or more depending what state you live in.

I would like to hear from others regarding this aerator. Meanwhile, our best aerators are the (walk-behind) TURFCO XT5's.

Thanks in advance
Proud subscriber of TURF Magazine. (thanks Ron)
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