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What is the number that you all feel is.ballpark average doable for a solo op? Ive always had 100k in sales in my head for what I could do. This is with 50 full service accounts. Spread between resi, commercial. Mowing four days a week and doing extras two days a week when necessary. Snow removal on commercial accounts only would be on top of that. This is ideal conditions of.course.

As for growing the hardest struggle with growing is not having enough capital to fund the expansion. You can borrow money sure but what happens when theres a downturn in the economy and u don't have the business to pay off all those loans?

Ryan lawn and tree is one of the larger regional lawn care cos around here and ive read articles that they have never taken a loan to grow. Only pay cash for everything they need. Very well respected company around my parts.

If u want to grow make sure you can fund it. Either have investors, be indepedently wealthy, or be prepared to make drastic choices to always always always stay in the black. Saying 'oh its just one year we'll make it up next year' only works if you can.see the future.

I'm scared to even start up part time again after a several year hiatus simply because I lack the discretionary cash and I don't want to put my three kids and wife at financial risk.

Gotta have stones, man, gotta have stones.
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