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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
This number is completely aribitrary and takes into account nothing. I've heard it quoted as long as there have been internet landscape web forums. I could easily eat up a dollar an hour in expenses. New fully optioned truck, new enclosed trailer packed with top of the line gear and 3-4 typical employees with a foreman. Still think there's gobs of money there at a buck a minute?
Not trying to be a dick. Just rying to dispel a number of myths that seem to surface every year with the latest crop of new guys.
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I think it goes without saying that some common sense needs to be applied. If you're running around in a 50k truck with a couple 10k mowers and 2 more employees than you really need then yeah you're going to go broke.

$1 a minute. Tested to be 100% accurate for years and years and years. It's the standard. The problem lies in when people say they get that $1 a minute but actually aren't getting anywhere close to that. You can't just say it. You actually have to do it.

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