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$240ish. I had a similar property as in it was rocky, didn't take as long. Took about as long as a regular mow.

I dropped the property this year because business has been good, but when I took it I had them sign an addendum on the contract saying I'm not responsible for broken windows due to the condition of the lawn. I was careful and never broke a window, but it took me longer and I charged accordingly to walk the lawn first, then mow and trim. By the end of the season I had a pile of rocks against the house that would have made a great rock garden.

As I said I dropped them this year. I have more clients, and there isn't a drought that kind of forced my hand to take them on to get in some sort of money, but in the end even with the extra charge to walk the property it wasn't worth the time and effort to keep a property in which the owners had no desire to improve.

You might want to think about not even doing this property, it made me miserable.

Good luck

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