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This is my first year doing "acreage" I got my license last month so my parents dont have to take me everywhere anymore. I have a scag sfw 36" (which conveniently broke the pully on the wheel came off all 4 bolts so back to the dealer) And a honda push mower. It could all be cut with a 48 52 60 etc. I just have not satisfied the need to get one. As of now its my FIRST large yard. If i get more clients like this though I will get a used WB 48, or 52, and bootleg, until I satisfied the need for a ztr or stand on either or. Both yards are similar, but one of them has so many rocks its a nightmare to deal with. MY blades need sharping. He is going to scrap the ground eventually, but has of now its pretty bad.

The size of the property:

BOTH properties are lakeside. Just theres no water so...

House #1

Front yard 200ft by 100ft. Lots of trees/bushes. Back yard about the same. But steep hill.

House #2 Debris everywhere, junk, sheetrock, 2x4, rocks. (remodeling the house) Back yard similar to house number 1 back yard except even more trees.

Any suggestions for posting pics so you guys can see them?


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