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Originally Posted by Armsden&Son View Post
Well said for sure.... And hey there Bassman.... Isn't that the great thing about the industry in general though? I am one of the guys that you described(fire in the belly) for sure. Currently a single op but just keeping my head down and being patient, observing, watching, waiting, learning, all while honing my craft and learning new things. I absolutely have plans to expand but here I am solo for now... And here you are, solo in the green industry, after many years of obviously not being solo(you said you ran businesses) It's just great that there can be that endless variety of people and backgrounds in our industry. Let me ask you a question.... Knowing what you now know about the landscaping industry, when you were younger and running other businesses would have gotten into the industry then? In other words, being a "business man," Do you think that there is profitability in our industry?
There's profit but much less than many business enterprises. I was fortunate to earn a good living in a health care/medical supply business I owned when my kids were young. I would have never been able to provide the same lifestyle to them in the landscaping industry.

I must confess, I'm more happy now although I make a fraction of the income I used to.

75% of all new business start ups fail in the first 3 years, my track record is a little better than that statistic but not by much.
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