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Originally Posted by nighthawk117 View Post
I was just trying to look at it from different angles as an explanation of why they might be out there applying...besides the fact that the weather is making them fall behind with their schedule.

This seems to be the norm nowadays, it's all about their schedule ? What about the turfs schedule and needs, this all gets left behind in favor of getting all the apps done in a certain time frame for "them"

I think some , not all of it does get left behind at times. One of the pitfalls of owning/running it as a business instead of a hobby I suppose.

There are definitely times I wish I had only 30-40 accounts I could do full maintenance on and "baby" them and give them what they need exactly when they need it. However, the reality is...I don't. I only provide custom weed control and fertilization so I try to do the right things for the lawns at the right times to the best of my ability.

Sadly, there aren't more that do operate this way than there are that don't.
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