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granite slab water feature

I'm doing a water-wall type fountain for a client. The columns will be 8x8x8 CMU, cells grouted and rebar tied to a frost footer and clad w/ veneer stone. The central feature will be a slab of black polished granite between the columns. It'll be supported w/ CMUs coming up from the footer, w/ some brackets lagged into the columns and concealed by the veneer stone, so I'm not worried about that. My questions probably seem kind of basic, but here they are:

- to get the most successful effect of water washing down the face of the slab, do I want it perfectly plumb or tilted back at a slight angle? I assume an angle, but how much?

- the client and I discussed having the granite fabricator sawcut grooves in a couple of locations running straight across (horizontally) to create a little more turbulence/movement. Thoughts pro/con?

I appreciate your feedback. This is one of those where there is no off-the-shelf option so we're taking a crack at it. the slab itself will be approx 4'-4" wide and 6' tall.
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