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Originally Posted by nighthawk117 View Post
I was just trying to look at it from different angles as an explanation of why they might be out there applying...besides the fact that the weather is making them fall behind with their schedule.

This seems to be the norm nowadays, it's all about their schedule ? What about the turfs schedule and needs, this all gets left behind in favor of getting all the apps done in a certain time frame for "them"
Nicely stated.

I wonder about those guys around me who put their Pre-m down before the 9" of rain so far this month, topped off with a low of 25* yesterday AM. So not even a hard frost, it was a hard freeze.

Grass just turned green last Thursday.

Gotta get it down.

Shoot, I was in Fort Wayne over to Lima over the weekend and I saw forsythias blooming down there. That means we're quite some time away from the traditional need to apply.
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