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Originally Posted by Yatt View Post
My rep suggested 2-3#'s/acre. That will result in 14-21 days of color but the results should be very quick.

The iron and Mg. product are about the same except the proportion of the iron and Mg. are switched.

No problems going through spray jets or a chem lawn gun?

I imagine it will go through my conventional 6 roller pump, but not be great for it.

Do you pre-mix it in say 5 gallons of water prior to adding to the tank in order to get in solution?
I haven't had to pre-mix mine. I just make sure my pumps running and at least 1/2 full of water. The feature is very fine textured. About like dry fireplace ashes. As along as you disperse it in the tank, it works fine. I use a teejet gun for app with no problems. I also run it through my 25 gal tank w/ 14' boom on my atv with no problems.
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