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Wiring an electric start Briggs on a Ferris walk behind

I have an older Ferris BGF48 walk behind. I got it as a project for use at my own house. The original Kawasaki engine was replaced with an electric start 14.5hp Briggs I/C engine. The Briggs engine is model and type 287707-1272-E1. I'm currently rewiring it using a diagram from Briggs and Stratton. The engine has a dual circuit alternator. One wire is DC output for charging the battery, and the other wire is AC output, orginally for lights. I have the DC output, charging, key switch, and everything figured out. It's straight forward on the diagram.

Now, the Ferris has an electric PTO clutch. Before I rewired it, the PTO was running straight off the battery and working perfectly. The wire went from the battery, to the PTO switch, to the clutch, and the other wire on the clutch was grounded. I know the clutch runs on DC.

Now for my question, Should I run the PTO clutch how it was since it worked? Or, should I install a rectifier diode in the AC wire coming from the engine and run it that way? The rectifier diode should convert the AC to DC. Any thoughts, ideas, comments? What's the best way to wire the PTO clutch for everything to work properly?
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