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Originally Posted by Raymond S. View Post
It pains me to read things like this. It's not just you, it's large companies too. You're charging $20 for what might be 1/2 hour of work and large companies are charging $75 for 3 guys spending an hour on a property. It's unbelievable what people are willing to work for in this business. This isn't anything personal. Like others have said. You just don't know the true cost of doing business. To give you an idea, our minimum is $40/cut (1/2 acre bagged, trimmed, blow.) 2 man crew, $23.50/hr labor cost, equipment, fuel, insurance, taxes, etc...and I lose money mowing grass!!! If I could sell off all my equipment and maintenance accounts I would strictly do chemical applications. Once you cut a yard for $20 it will forever remain a $20 yard.
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That's the worst. There's a guy here with two crews. He is a low baller. He even works a second job. Has over 180 accounts. I met him. Business makes him an extra 20,000 a year. So he's cool. Has a job for 40k and benefits. 60k and benefits. I get it, but damn dude. I'm at 65 he's at 50. All over.
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