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I'll try to get a better side-by-side comparison picture tomorrow after work.

Far as I know anyway, the one currently on the mower is a medium lift. I don't know my blades all that well, but that's what it was labeled as on the invoice I got from the shop when I picked up the mower last Wednesday. You'll have to excuse my lack of knowledge with all this as I didn't dink around with all this on the Honda that I use to run. I'd just run the stock high lift blades on that all the time since it worked well enough for all the bagging I did with it. Aside from that, I'm partially familiar with Gator blades that I once used some 11 or 12 years ago. That was back when I worked for my brother's business way back when. Anyhow, I guess I'm in the learning process with all this now. Thanks everyone for the feedback.
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