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Thanks for the help. I actually thought about running it from the ignition switch last night. I used a replacement briggs and stratton 6 terminal ignition switch. I do not have an A or L, but I have one free terminal now. It's the terminal that would be used for a carburetor solenoid. I just have the carburetor bowl with bolt in it. That terminal should be hot with the engine running, I think. I can test it. Then I can run the wire from that terminal on the ignition switch to the PTO switch.

I do not have the safety interlock system working. I want it to work though. I was going to get it all working first then see about the safeties. I have the switch for the operator presence levers. It would be ok if the engine would just shut down when I let go of the handles. I'm not sure how to wire that though.
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