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Originally Posted by FdLLawnMan View Post
Larry,the Exmark pulls 4.6 plugs per Sq. Ft. while the XT5 pulls at most 6 plugs per Sq. Ft do where do you the idea the Exmark needs twice the amount of tines. As far as tearing the turf when soft I mean really soft. The nice thing about the Exmark is you can aerate when the ground is pretty firm.
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Let's just say more tines on this unit was considered and even tested. 3.5" x 9" pattern is it.

This entire more plugs per square foot issue I have gotten away from. I really hate having to mow over more plugs than necessary.

As a promo package for smaller lawns I include 2 gimmie aerations when they sign up for the full meal deal lawn aps and snow over a 12 month time frame.
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