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Originally Posted by plc87 View Post
I will more than likely be buying the new super z hd 60" with vx4 deck here in a couple months. I have heard that the cut quality is sub par as far as other decks in the industry are. I have ALSO heard that with the right blades and deck settings it is just okay.

I am in the midwest and will be cutting thick heavy grass all spring but also mowing dry thin grass in the summer, need good cut quality for both.

I'm more worried about good grass clippings dispersal during heavy growth periods. I have a huster z xr7 deck with 25hp right now and it just doesnt have the power that I would like.

Anyone have any input on this?
Both mickhippy and greenology are still having a ton of issues with their VX4's and Hustler seems unwilling to help either one, or even admit the deck sucks. They've both posted plenty of picrures on this site to show what the problem is, and mick has a ton of video to watch as well.

I had considered them last year before I bought another Deere, but now I am way happy I passed on the SZ and got my 950. No way in heck I will ever drop the money on one now after reading and hearing so many horror stories about customer care and QOC of the VX4.
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