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Originally Posted by BostonBull View Post
Soil test revealed I am still in need of N and OM in my soil. Not surprising as I have sand & clay, the builder left us with nothing!

I top dress 2x a year with compost (4th year at doing this at this property) and will be doing CT 4x this summer in addition. pH was a bit off as well so Lime will go down as well.

Which fertilizer and other products should I be looking into to help with the N and OM issues?

I also have one heck of a creeping charlie problem! Dandelions keep coming back, which I can pull by hand, but would like a solution there as well if there was one? Would Adios take care of both? Torch them?
Can you post the soil test here?
Why do you think you need more N?
Between the top dressing & CT, you shouldn't need much fertilizer if any.
What % OM do you have?
ADIOS works well on Dandelions. It is not labeled for creeping charlie, however several companies well be testing it this year.
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