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Originally Posted by cyclesteel View Post
Should the Raptor or any zero turn be able to go straight with both levers all the way forward or is there always going to be some slight variances.

Actually, you've asked a tough question. First, not many of us mow with the sticks pinned, it's too fast (again for most of us). Next, if you are not on Level ground the steering changes. Also, if you mow across an incline the mower with not track straight. Then, since the linkage is not perfect, and even it is the pumps never pump "exactly" the same, so your stop position and backwards tracking are good but cannot be perfect, like a car is.

Hustler has the best control system, but it is limited to production tolerances.

I now have 5 older custom SWB/WB velky machines....... they are great.
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