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Originally Posted by Wet_Boots View Post
I recommend more beer
That is definitely in order, after I go educate and argue with an HOA board about the condition and overall poor design and install of their system. 1" tap and RP, and some zones have 35-45 spray heads at the farthest end of the system. With the 12' and 15' nozzles installed they should be between 45-65 GPM, depending on the zone. Hmmmm.... no wonder the heads don't pop up. No wonder the grass was brown last year with our hottest, driest, windiest spring/summer ever. Too many hands in the cookie jar for the install. As homes get built, new contractors/builders add onto the system at free will. We just took it over last spring. Drip zones long turned off and nobody informed about, rain sensor under a tree, cracked filters on the drip valve assemblies, rotors and sprays mixed together, and they bad mouth me and the lawn company.

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