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This is mysterious. The weed is almost uniformly distributed--which is evidence that the unknown seed was carefully and uniformly mixed. Or perhaps the soil was contaminated and the topsoil (if used) was uniformly mixed.
On the other hand...
topsoil is not usually mixed carefully. sod farm would buy seed comtaminated with annual rye.
Furthermore I think that this weed is quackgrass. It often comes up from broken off roots and rhizomes in low quality topsoil.
Dig up the roots and check for the presence of rhizomes--a strong sign that it is quackgrass. Clearly, it is a weed that is at home in cool weather. Did you find any seedheads...its the best way to identify.

Bad news, as it is very difficult to eliminate. At least it is green

What species of grass is this? Why do you have two different colors on the front left? Does the sod have an equal amount of weeds in both colors and on all pallets of laid sod?
After a careful second look--do you think it came from sod or soil?

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