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This was supposed to be a winter project, but I never got around to it. Yeah, definitely "landscaperized". The wiring was awful to say the least. It wasn't even wired properly to charge the battery. I got rid of all of it and started over. I should be able to work on it a lot tonight. I'll keep it simple and wire it ignition switch to pto switch to clutch.

I have no clue how to wire the safety interlock switch. The interlock switch has 2 terminals on the back of it. The pto switch has, I think, 6 terminals on it. I'll only be using 2 on the pto switch for it to work, but that's without the interlock switch.

I'm also fighting new rear tires. I have one side of each tire mounted on the wheels. I'm having a tough time getting the other side to even get started on the wheel. I've mounted dirt bike tires, but these aren't working out so well.

Thanks for the help!
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