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Im not sure of the species of bush. its got light green leaves on it. the story is:

the landlord called me yesterday panicked because his tenants didnt keep up with the lawn care. He is leaving the country for 3 weeks for vacation and needed to get someone over there to take care of this bushes asap. The bushes got overgrown and now he has a buyer for his house but the bank wont approve their loan for the house until the bushes are cut 1' from the structure. I tried to tell him if i cut that much material from the bushes they will be bare with very few leaves, and it might actually kill them. He said he didnt care what it looked like. He just wanted them cut down to 3' so it was even with the smaller bushes and so the address could be read from the street as the bushes were covering it up.

I made sure he understood what the outcome was going to be and he repeated he didnt care if there was just a trunk and some sticks.i forgot to discuss with him that i would be leaving the clippings roadside (we do have a debris pickup in our town). I figured since his tenants are being evicted, his new buyers will be moving in in a few weeks, and the fact that he will be out of town for 3 weeks, he wouldnt care if the clippings sat for a week until the debris man could come by and get them.

Ill upload a picture later of the before picture. Ive got a midway picture as well but ill be the first to admit that looks like crap no matter how you did this job. you can see right through the bushes and im not proud that the finished product is gonna look like crap but thats what he asked for and i really need the work so i guess we will just have to make do for now. Im sure a few lessons will be learned out of this but this is probably my biggest shrubs/hedge job to date. I did have to use loppers quite a bit. I knew that from the start. thanks for the input guys. it really helps me out.
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