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Echo PAS280 for Redmax? trimmer

Yesterday went to local dealer to look into getting a new trimmer and edger (two individual tools). He introduced me to Echo's PAS system. In the store I held the trimmer and noticed it was pretty heavy but didn't think to much of it. Long story short, left with the PAS280, bed redefiner and trimmer. Not cheap. Got it home, after about 10 min of trimming, the weight was just more than I thought it would be. Tried the bed redefiner, which worked great, but found attracting it a pain.

So today for the heck of it, I looked at a Redmax TR2350S. Wow, thing is light! 21cc vs Echo's 28cc. My dealer has no return policy (even though I just bought it yesterday afternoon) but thinking about taking a loss on the Echo system and going with the Redmax trimmer and either Redmax or Kawasaki edger.
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