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To Crimson Lawn:

What tax burden am I carrying?
If I ask a person who would like to be part of my team about his compensation for his labor on how he would like to be compensated there are 3 things that I ask. 1.) Would you like to sign your entire compensation over to the state, city, county and government?
2.) Would you like to be 1099'd?(which we all know is essentially illegal in this business under a paper legal system).
3.) Would you like to be paid cash? Federal reserve notes? Lawful money? United states notes? Silver or gold? Promissory notes?

The only tax burden I am responsible for is if he chooses number 1. Sign the contract for it and I become a liable party to their contract.

To Smallaxe:

Integrity? Cheater? Snotty? Trusted? Thieves? Disagreeable?
That sure is a lot of name calling and disrespect for your fellow man whom asked you a rhetorical question. It seems from your response that you firmly believe that everything you say is legal/lawful and the word of god, and every man, woman, child, animal or thing must bow to your whim. And if some of us do not agree with you, and by no authority have to agree with you, you become belligerent and disrespectful. Sounds a lot like the enterprises that rule this country by the barrel of a gun to me.

I was pointing out to the original poster that maybe he should do some homework on his own instead of taking the word of persons like you who just regurgitate stuff like "you have to", or "this is the way it is". I wish persons would become people and learn for themselves instead of taking someone Else's word for it.

To the original poster HDLLandscaping:

Honestly guy, if you really want to play that 1099 game, you need to immerse yourself in their statutes, codes, regulations etc to gain your own understanding of what they have written that you want to follow. Everyone is going to interpret the 1099 code differently from the next. That differing interpretation includes businesses to accountants. Financial folks to lawyers. Courts and the government to aunty irs. Even the legislatures and underwriters of the codes have an entirely different opinion than the rest. For that reason alone I wish to not play the game, when their is so much ambiguity attached to everything their pens touch, every business and person or individual is treated differently in every case I have read. I think I'll pass. And I will definitely keep my business private as opposed to public.

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