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Originally Posted by BetterLawns&Gardens View Post
I recently quoted a property and when i told the lady what the price was she about had a heart attack. I didn't quite understand why until after I cut and she paid. she told me that she had contacted 5 or 6 other companies and they quoted her between 40-50 my quote was 20. How do I react to that?
If 6 companies are within $10 of each other and you are 50% cheaper than them there is a problem with your estimating abilities. Come up with a cost per hour for various services and an appropriate MH rate. Example would be I would bill an employee out @ $30 PMH, just the employee and a hand tool. The rates go up from there depending on which trucks/equipment are being used, then figure the MH's required to do the job. Read a few threads on estimating/quoting jobs.........
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