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How to handle bid for prospective client?


I got bit by something last time I was in this situation and I want to handle it better this time.

This is the deal: I got a call from a lady who wants to talk about lighting. So I go out to talk to her for the first time. I set up the demo kit in her nicely done front flower bed and agreed that we'd touch base this week sometime.

While we're talking, she mentions that she's "getting bids". Fair enough.

However - I want to avoid what happened the last time I was submitting a bid to someone who said they were "getting bids". What happened was they proceeded to come back to me with stuff like "Another contractor said he could reuse these old lights", and "another contractor said he could do the project for $300 less than you"...

As a contractor it seems that people can take advantage of a competitive bid process. I offer them an apple for a dollar, and then Dave offers them an orange for $.95, then Mike steps up with a peach for $75...

I'm open to suggestion, but I'm thinking I'll tell her this with the bid:

"I probably will not be the low bid but my intent is to offer you the best lighting system and support after the sale. If you want me to modify my bid, I'll be happy to discuss that with you after you've informed me that you've chosen me as your contractor."

Is that too direct?

Or suggestions about something different to say?


Oh yeah one other thing... I'm going to bid LED only. No Halogen.

TIA again.
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