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Originally Posted by Snyder's Lawn Inc View Post
That's funny You sound like some customers
You call your self a landscaper
gotta start somewhere dont ya? sorry, but i dont have 25 years in the business. this has been a very part time gig for me up until recently. I also mentioned that i have not done a lot of bush overhaul in the first post. just some minor shaping and trimming. i may not have all the knowledge to be had but im far from a homeowner hack. I am fully licensed and just got my insurance quote this AM. i dont want to step on anyones toes and im not going to blow smoke like i know it all. im not afraid to ask questions and im completely transparent with my skills. Now, i can take a joke, as i assume you are meaning. I just want everyone to understand im not trying to pass myself off for something im not. I have aspirations of doing full on landscaping. at the current time, more people are getting cuts than anything. a few mulch jobs, which ive done in the past, a few bed redesigns, which ive done a couple of, but mostly bi weekly cuts. this is where i come to learn if im unsure. so if you could, please bare with me because im liable to ask a dumb question here and there. thanks for the input thus far. its been more than helpful in the lesson learning ive had to do in the last day or so with this job estimate and execution.
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