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Walker MBS reviews?

Hey guys, I currently run two walker mt's for my residential properties and a 66" super z for commercial. I'm looking to reduce my dependency on bagging and potentially trade one of the ghs models in or sell it outright to help finance a mbs with the 60" deck. I have read a lot about the different engine configurations and have talked to my local dealers a small amount, but I have not been able to find many marginally acceptable reviews online that cover the machine. I'm looking for people who have real world experience with them, in all different cutting conditions. I'm mainly concerned with heavy spring growth cutting, and thick wet weeds. I have operated the older 62" sd mowers from the late 90's and they cut great when its dry. Obviously I'm concerned about the clumping/discharge of wet material as I'm trying to eliminate bagging to speed up my productivity.

I have considered other brands, Ferris being one of them simply for the ride quality, as well as the new gravely 460. I have experience with the 3100z and it is an amazing machine, but the dealer just priced me at $12,5xx for the 61" model, a little steep if you ask me when I can get an MBS for a little over 10k. The only Gravely dealer is about an hour from me, so its a little out of the way, but I would like to at least give it a look.

If anyone can chime in and give some feedback on how they are liking the MBS I would be very appreciative.

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