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6 plugs per sqaure foot??? ripoff

Originally Posted by Service 1st Lawn Care View Post
As a professional I think you know weather the aeration job you did is good as far as the numbers of holes. I seriously doubt any home owner would ever come out and say well doesn't look like your getting 6 plugs per square ft. Larry will complain about any ride-on aerator until Turfco comes out with one, then they will be the greatest thing since slice bread even if Turfco's cost $10,000.
1) As a Professional, "you "know"???
2) Number of holes = customers don't care or are they are uninformed???
3) You mention my personal name on this site. Professional???
4) You got a beef with TURFCO??? Why?
5) Does TURFCO build a stand-on aerator? If so, please let me know.

The above "1 -- 5" make you look like ___________
Try this:

I certainly do not mean to personally attack you, but I disagree with you. Nothing personal whatsoever. And suggesting 20 - 40 plugs per square foot might be overkill in many situations (unless you're talkin' serious renovation).

NOTE: Our Ryan 48" tow-behind aerators come with a "set number of tines", yet Ryan allows one to "double that number" of tines on these aerators.

Plugr walk- behinds pull more plugs than you are recommending, and they are great aerators.

p.s. "whether" is not spelled "weather". just sayin'

Proud subscriber of TURF Magazine. (thanks Ron)
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