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Originally Posted by TaylorLandscapingLLC View Post
i dont know what to tell ya small axe. you may be right. i might try to do a decent job given the orders, and still get stiffed. im supposed to be getting the payment on monday. hes having work done to the house then and his family member will have my cash. hes going out of town for 3 weeks on vacation so thats what the situation is for right now. its seems dicey i know. i should have maybe structured it a bit different but this is just the way the chips fell. he was in a hurry to find someone and leave the neighborhood because it was getting late in the day, and i was crunched for time as well cutting it so close to picking up my child from school. we agreed and went on our way. lets hope that all ends well and ill learn a few things from this job.

-establish whats to be done with clippings
-charge a little more for my time
-have a little more solid plan for getting paid
-dont estimate and run. take my time and make sure theres plenty of time for questions and concerns.

got it. if i dont get paid, ill consider it a paid lesson learned.
Sounds like you have a decent handle, and a good attitude. Good luck. Hope it goes well.
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