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Not to get into a match of what is or is not the proper 1099 code, as defined by the IRS. I was simply stating if you put some one to work and you pay him cash, you carry sole resposibility of paying the tax on that income. Since he was not a Sub(1099) or an on paper employee, you cannot count your payment to him as a deduction. Do that to the sum of $3 or $4 grand a year and you, sir pay that as your income, not a deduction.
My big concern is that we have a tax collecting system that is broken, Federal and State Governments that are stupid on raising taxes on everyone, unless you live in a conservative, pro business state, that are screaming we need more revenue. In actual, all the non tax matching paying employers, illegal non payroll tax paying workers and low(maybe not that low) ballers that make it even harder us to bid competively, pay our bills and support our families.
I know paying the employer match stinks, and the quarterly estimates but it is what you half to do eventualy. The IRS is no friend of mine and they can go straight to @#$%.
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