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Here is what I have, hasn't changed very much since last year. Umass is the lab who performed the test.

More N as per their recommendation.

Boron .1ppm
Manganese 3.2ppm
Zinc 5.4ppm
Copper .5ppm
Iron 6.7ppm
Sulfur 14.7ppm

SoilpH 5.8
Buffer pH 6.8
Nitrogen 31ppm
Organic Matter 2.6%

Nutrient levels:
Phosphorus 6ppm
Potassium 143ppm
Calcium 520ppm
Magnesium 37ppm

Cation Exchange Capacity 3.9 Meq/100g
Percent base saturation K=6.3 M=6.1 Ca=50.7
Micro nutrient levels all normal

Extractable Aluminum 40ppm
Extracted lead 16ppm
Estimated total lead is 219ppm
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