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I have a 4x8 trailer that needs to be replaced.
It has wood stake racks on all 4 sides.

I simply lift off the rear rack slide out wooden ramps with metal ends from under the mowers and unload.

At the end of the day I back my mower onto the ramp until the front tires are off the trailer. Which then allows me to get easy access to hose off the underside of the mower deck. All the grass debri falls onto the road by the curb.

Now when I have looked at the landscape trailers with the mesh gates all I imagine is the mesh gate being in my way to clean and all the debri that does fall down will only get caught up in the mesh gate. Making the gate a pain in the butt to clean.

Being that I was leaning towards the trailers with the full metal sides instead of open or mesh. I was thinking of getting a metal side with a pickup style tail gate. No extra height so better aerodynamics and MPG. Then I would still slide out my wooden ramps. So cleaning up the underside of the mower decks would be easy.

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